What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for when it comes to following Jesus? Are you listening to Him?

Do you have a motorcycle and you want to use it to serve Jesus, then make application with this Ministry and let’s get busy sharing Jesus Christ with the Biker Community. Time is short.

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Who are You?

Ambassadors for Christ M/M is a ministry founded on Christ commission to the Church as recorded in Mark 16:15, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

This commission to preach the gospel was given to his disciples. Therefore; as His disciples, we have combined our love for God and our fondness for riding motorcycles into a relevant outreach not only or solely to other bikers but to all others.

We do realize however, that our method of ministry will open doors of opportunity that would otherwise remain closed to the mainstream Church world, this being the case we invite Born again Christians with a passion for motorcycle evangelism to join with us to reach the lost and dying in our communities with the Good News of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
General Information

1. Must be a born again Christian.

2. Must live an exemplary Christian Life. Absolutely no use of alcohol, drugs or vulgar language will be tolerated by patch holders.

3. Must be a member in good standing of a New Testament Church or Fellowship.

4. Must be a servant to all, both inside and outside the Church or Fellowship.

5. Should be able to share your testimony publicly.

6. Should be able to win someone to Christ.

7. Each member must purchase a complete set of patches at a cost of $65.00 per set. Although you purchase patches they remain the property of your AFC Chapter and must be returned if you leave the ministry.

8. Must be faithful to AFC functions, outreaches, and runs in your area.

9. Must be active in AFC by staying in touch with your Chapter.

10. Must be willing to submit to the authority of the President.

I am more and more convinced everyday that the reason most people don’t make application with our ministry is because they cannot stand up to the requirements to become a Ambassador.

I believe that a vast majority of the “church” is compromising their Christian Morals and Values and the precepts of Christ as given in the Bible and that for the most part they are making Christ to be what they want Him to be instead of being reborn and allowing all things to become new and in the process becoming like Christ and conforming to His image. 

I ask you do you look like Christ or are you making Christ look like you?

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Are you Ambassador Material?

Do you know the definition of an Ambassador?

Okay I will tell you, An ambassador is the highest ranking diplomat who represents a nation and is usually accredited to a foreign sovereign or government, or to an international organization.

So you see to be part of this Ministry you are the highest ranking diplomat who represents the Kingdom of Heaven, and God’s Sovereignty.

So I ask again are you Ambassador Material? To be an Ambassador means that you are held to a higher standard so if you can’t cut it then you need to be part of another ministry because we are different and that is just the way it is.

I have asked God to place in this Ministry those that He knows need to be part of it and if that means one person once a year then that is how we roll because He is in charge and He knows the future. This ministry is not about numbers, but quality people that have an ongoing daily relationship with Jesus Christ, people that are not afraid to be accountable.

God showed me something not long ago that I would like to share with you. He told me that it is hard to be a ministry and minister to others in need when you do nothing but minister to those within your group or ministry.

It is kinda like a hospital, It would be hard for them to administer treatment to those that need the treatment or surgery if they were busy administering that treatment and surgery to each other. It sort of becomes a spiritual incest and that is the kind of thing people point at and talk about.

That is not to say that those within our ministries will never have hardships or troubles but if that is all we are consumed with it is not healthy.

So once again I ask Are you Ambassador Material?

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Do you Know Him?

I just wonder do you truly “know” Him or do you just know about Him?

You see there is a difference, everybody you talk with nowadays says they are a christian or that they know Jesus as their Savior, but if you watch closely what they say doesn’t line up with what they do or how they talk.

In fact most of the time it is just the opposite, and more darkness shows than light and from what I read in the Bible that is not what it is suppose to look like. It says that a light is placed on a post to give light to all, not hidden under a bowl, that would essentially snuff it out…… hmmmm…

You also see the results in our government, it always seems that people of “faith” vote for the guy that rejects Christian Morals and Christlike attributes and not the person that reflects Christ, why is that? And then you can never find anybody that voted for the pagan.

You know to “Know” Him means to spend time with Him, and when we do that we know His mind and walk in paths of righteousness.

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I have added a smaller form to fill out if you are interested in our ministry please fill this out and it will begin the process.

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A Christian Really?

I am going to post this from our Facebook page because I feel that it needs to be heard by as many as can hear it, and if you are reading it for the second time the maybe you needed to hear it.

I am growing very weary with folks that claim they are a Christian with one breath and then with the next curse like a sailor.
I fully believe and am convinced that My God is more than able to set a person free from that, you might ask me “what makes you so sure that He can set a person free from that?” I am glad you asked I know because He did it with me, I am the best proof I can give you, and NO! I don’t cuss and say something I shouldn’t when I hurt myself. You want to know what I say? I say OUCH!
I think it is time Christian’s do what Doctors do and that is practice, yes practice being a Christian and imitating Christ, I really am not convinced that My Jesus if he were walking this earth in the flesh would bless people with one breath then curse with the next.
If you think so then maybe you are following the wrong Jesus?

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Sunday Bible Study @ the Park

Well, I feel like we had a great Bible Study today because it was a word from God the even though the world wants us to “Check out Faith at the Door” as though it were a hat or a coat that we take off when it is not convenient to let it show God wants our Faith in Him to shine through and to offend people to the point of them repenting and receiving Christ as their Savior.

We saw examples from the Book of Daniel where even though the Kings did not want the four Hebrew boys to display their faith in the only true God they chose to allow their faith to be seen and they were persecuted for that faith, but our God delivered them. I asked a question today and will ask it again here  How is that persecution affecting you?

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I believe that the Power of Prayer is neglected today by many including those in the “church” Jesus said in the last days that many would abandon the faith and neglecting to pray and denying the power of Prayer is abandoning the faith.
I believe that today we just have big buildings filled with a lot of folks that have ears that want to be tickled and filled with the prosperity message that Jesus never taught.
Jesus said that if we served Him that we would be persecuted and despised by world. How are you holding up under your persecution? It is time for God’s people to get back in the word and get back into the practice of Prayer and believe that they receive what they ask for, ( not my words) as Jesus taught so that God’s people can be faithful to Him and grow in a “Relationship” with Christ.

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Men Who Cook February 25, 2012

We had a great time participating in the Men who Cook event on February,25 2012


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Men Who Cook

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